Up 20.08. Wednesday

A big smile from Robert
Beril from Turkey
Beril, Ismail and Levent from Turkey
clean is fast
De-rigging starts
Diogo and his coach Edgar from Portugal
Eva gets a feel for the water
Final preparations
follow my leader
French and Belgian support teams
Getting some practice in
Giovanni Coccoluto
Hello Japan!
I am sure mine was here somewhere
Iga  Fojcik and Michal Skalisz
Italian sails
Japan and Trogir
Jo and his dad Robert
Joanna and Eva
Joanna from Poland
Joanna sails away
Joseph McMillan from Australia
Julia, Javi and Guillermo
Managment support from mama Anna
Martina and Zac from Australia
Matilde,Marco and Giulia from San Marino
Milan and Joseph
More careful launching
More of the British team
Muscles needed
New boats for Christmas
Preparing to launch
Robbie and Mike Urwin from the UK
Some of the British team
Testing the waters

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